Install/Run(MO) It says launch MIR4 and update at the store, but it won't update at the store.

Please follow the instructions below and carry out the update.

■ How to resolve the Google Play Store (AOS) update problem

1. Tap [Settings] > [Apps] > [Google Play Store]

2. Delete updates, cache, and data

3. After rebooting the device, open Google Play Store and select [Agree] on the pop-up

4. Reinstall MIR4

※ Deleting game cache/data and reinstalling the game wipes out all in-game data of guest accounts. Ensure that your account is linked before carrying out these steps.

■ How to resolve the App Store (iOS) update problem

1 Tap [AppStore] > [Update]

2. Drag the Update Category screen down to refresh the update list

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