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[Terms of Service]

This service terms and conditions (hereinafter “terms and conditions”) explains the contract items applied to the user as the customers(hereinafter “customer” “consumer” “to whom it may concern” “user”) utilize websites, mobile apps, software, etc.(“service”) operated by the company wemade Co., Ltd.

Before using the service, carefully review the terms and conditions.

1. The company can always change or modify the terms and conditions in accordance with relevant legislation and discretion.

2. When changes occur in the terms and conditions, the company must notify the changes and enter a change data at the top or bottom of this terms and conditions so that the user can check the changes.

3. If the user continues to use the services provided by the company after the modified terms and conditions are posted, it is assumed that the user recognizes and agrees with the change in terms and conditions. 

The user agrees to entering the terms and conditions electronically as well as electronically saving records related to these terms and conditions. 

I. Service access and use

II. Account registration and management for service use

III. License and intellectual property rights infringement claim

IV. Transaction and duties when using service

V. Prohibited actions during service use

VI. Service, contents and network of other companies

VII. Blockchain-based contents

VIII. Limitations in responsibility

IX. Dispute resolutions

X. Others

    • I. Service access and use 

The user can access and use the services provided by the company upon agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Game and service use is not possible in countries and regions that are not officially included in the service regions. When attempting or using the service the access can be blocked or use could be suspended, and the company assumes no responsibilities on all damages that occur when using the service without approval.

Usable locations and countries : Game access and use are allowed in all countries and regions except China and South Korea.

Countries in which use is allowed can be changed in the future depending on the decisions made by the company, with the changes notified in advance.

Additions terms, conditions and policies(hereinafter “additional terms and conditions”) apply in using some of the additional services, and in such cases user consent is required on the additional terms before using the service.

If the terms and conditions of this service conflict with the details of the additional terms or do not exist on these terms, in relation to the topic mentioned on the additional terms, it replaces these terms and conditions.

The service  is not available for those under the age of 15. However, depending on the laws or policies of your country of residence, these policies may apply differently.

To use the services provided by the company the company can request the user to create an account. If the user has not logged in or created an account, they may not access part of the service or its features, and we are not able to provide help with any damages.

The company can apply updates to the service depending on their discretion and judgment.

The user agrees that the company can not only access devices that use the service without limitations, but also provide updates remotely and automatically.

The company can send/collect/save the user’s personal information outside the country of the user’s residence (including countries and regions where there may not be equivalent information protection regulation),and the user understands and agrees that some or all of their personal information can be sent/collected/saved outside the country to smoothly provide the service.

    • II. Account registration and management for service use   

To normally use the services provided by the company without limits, you may have to perform membership registration and register the account, and the user is responsible for the problems that occur while using the service without creating an account.

After the registration the user must use the service with their own accounts, and the user is responsible for the information required for use and management of the account.

The user that created the account is responsible for problems that occur with inadequate account management.

The user is entirely responsible to maintain confidentiality regarding their account’s access information.

The user must not allow a third party to access/use the account or share the access information with a third party, and cannot receive any help if any problems or damages occur from this.

    • III. License and intellectual property rights infringement claim

1. License

The user, in principle, has no ownership for all services provided by the company and all contents created, purchased, and obtained from the use of service, and understands and agrees that they are granted a limited license to use the service which is non-exclusive, non-transferrable, and cancellable.

However, for some items out of the contents created, purchased, and obtained by the user, the user is able to possess limited ownership, but this can always be changed or cancelled at any time, and the user agrees to not suggest any objections.

The company owns and possesses ownership, rights and interests, including intellectual property rights, for all services they provide or all items required for the use of service.

The name, service mark, trademark, all source code, database, function, software, website design, audio, video, test, image and graphic (collectively “contents”) of the service provided by the company is owned by the company, and no rights or license are granted to the user, individual, or group without prior agreement by the company in advance.

2. Intellectual property right infringement claim

We respect another person’s intellectual property rights. If your work or other intellectual property rights are deemed to have been infringed, you can contact and alert the company including the following information.

• Work with intellectual property rights, or key item list of work or property where intellectual property rights are claimed to have been infringed.

• Reasonable and sufficient information of data where property infringement right is questioned.

• User’s name, address, phone number, and email address if possible.

• Testimony that the report’s information is correct and they will receive punishment upon perjury. Testimony that they have the rights to raise a lawsuit on behalf of the owner of exclusive rights which is suspected to have been infringed.

• Testimony that they believe the way in which the data was used was not approved by the intellectual property owner, procurator, or legislation.

• Physical or electronic signature by the person who has the authority of taking actions in place of the owner of exclusive rights that is allegedly infringed. 


49, 644, Daewangpangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do

    • IV. Transaction and duties when using service

While using the service, the user can obtain virtual currency and items in the game as well as the store online or within the game (hereinafter “store”).

The virtual currency or items that can be obtained in the store does not have its exclusive ownership provided to the user; only the right to use is granted. 

The user agrees to pay all the price, including fees and relevant taxes, that occur with using the service, within the limit permitted by relevant legislation.

The company owns the rights to change the value of virtual currency or items sold at the store at any time without prior notice.

When obtaining virtual currency and items through the service, various transaction methods provided by the company (credit card, automatic transfer, PayPal, etc.) can be used.

When using other transaction and billing services, additional costs can be charged as well as agreeing to terms and conditions related to the use of select provider. It is the user’s duty to pay takes granted by each country and local organizations related to the purchase and use of virtual currency and items in the service provided by the company.

The company notifies the user in advance out of the contents that have to be purchased that are non-refundable or are for sale, and contents and items that were normally purchased with the user’s choice cannot be refunded in principle.                                                                                    

If the account is permanently blocked, all use rights for content license, virtual currency balance and items related to the account are lost. All lost virtual currency, points, items, etc. occurred from the violation of these terms and conditions by the user are not of any responsibility or compensation by the company.

The items obtained by using virtual currency or items are included in the account until the expiration date of each item, account, these terms or the termination/conclusion of this service.

For any reason, if the charge approved by the user is refunded without any prior agreement with the company, the user’s account can be terminated or cancelled.

To use the account that has been suspended, the refunded amount must be paid using another credit card or other payment methods, and the company is not responsible for any credit card, bank related charge or fees related to the user’s transaction.

The company has the rights to limit the order quantity of the item or to refuse providing the item to the user without any prior notice.

Notwithstanding these terms, legislation of the user’s company can be applied on the purchase of virtual items and service provided to the user, and the user can gain rights specified on the legislation or relief measures within the range in which the legislation is applied.

    • V. Prohibited actions during service use

There can be civil and criminal responsibilities associated with attempts to disturb or impair service operation, and system or network security violation.

The company can consult investigation to a law enforcement institution and provide relevant information to prosecute the user that violates the terms and conditions.

If terms violation is discovered or if there is reasonable doubt of a violation, the company can delay, pause, modify or terminate the user’s access to service without notice, unless otherwise required by relevant legislations.

    • According to relevant legislation, forbidden acts include the following.

• Use of hacking, cracking, bot or third party software that can temporarily or permanently modify service code or user experience using operational program, software or technology, or fraudulent acts that cannot be performed without using third party software, other operational program, software or technology.

• Discovering, or attempting to discover all source code, algorithm, method or technology that is used or actualized in the service.

• Misrepresenting an individual or group, falsifying testimony on the user’s affiliation, identity or the origin of data sent by the user or falsely testifying that the user’s testimony or actions are approved by the company.

• Replicating or bypassing service structure or included contents through any means using software or other manual/automatic devices or processes.

• Deleting, changing, or hiding copyright, trademark, patent or other ownership notification, legend, symbols or labels (including watermark, other digital right management technology or other information) included in the service.

• Act or attempts to unreasonably or irregularly add a large load to the network or infrastructure.

• Hosting, providing or developing in-between service about the company’s service without prior approval, or forming, using or maintaining illegal connection to the service.

• Intercepting, emulating, or redirecting communication protocol used by the company or nominee through any means.

• Using or attempting to use virus, malware, other computer codes, file, program, software, routine or device that is designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the company’s system or network function/operation.

• Participate, encourage, or facilitate service denial attacks or similar acts, or attempting to investigate, scan, test or violate the system or network security.

• Using or attempting to use macro, automatic play or programs/methods that allow automatic operation or action of the user (or all characters controlled by the user).

• Illegally distributing data without the company’s approval or advertising or promoting items or services (spam, promotional data, chain letter, pyramid scheme or other forms of illegal suggestions, etc.)

• All acts of harm, harassment, defamation, vulgar, obscene, hatred, threat, maltreatment, inflammatory, threatening, discriminating, violent, or instigating violence (including self-harm)

• Stalking, sexually explicit or other unpleasant acts, and all acts including pillage, stealing, murder, sexual comments or curses.

• Abusing flaws, undocumented issues or program bugs to create, utilize or trade game items that are created or copied. 

• Posting or sharing another user’s personal information or important undisclosed information about the company without consent. 

• Based on the discretion of the company, all attempts or participating in acts that cause responsibility, or damage to the company, user, or another third party. 

    • VI. Service, contents and network of other companies

You can use platforms of other companies such as Appstore, Google play store, steam, etc. to use the service, and it can be connected or included in service or contents provided by another company (including user contents posted on the forum).

Before using the software, installing additional software, registering additional accounts, agreeing to terms by another company, and taking other measures is necessary.

Using services or contents of other companies connected to the company’s service is the user’s responsibility, and other companies’ terms and conditions apply.

The company is not responsible for any issues that may occur with the use of services or contents of other companies connected to the company’s service.

When using the service provided by the company the user’s device can be connected to another company’s network, and fees may apply upon the use of such networks.

All costs and fees related to service access and use such as internet service provider cost, communication cost, text message cost, broadband cost, cost of all devices and equipment used in relation to the service are solely of the user’s responsibility.  

    • VII. Blockchain-based contents

The service provided by the company includes blockchain-based contents.

The company provides blockchain-based contents in connection with service of a third party company.

To use blockchain-based contents, the user must agree to the terms of the third party company and complete user registration.

The use of blockchain-based contents is not a requirement for the use of service provided by the company, and the user is able to decide whether to use this. 

The blockchain-based “digital asset” in the service provided by the company are in the forms “NFT” and “FT”. 

-"Digital asset": Refers to blockchain-based items or data existing in digital form. Digital assets include, but are not limited to, NFT, FT, cryptocurrency and game token.

-"NFT(Non-Fungible Token)": Non-Fungible Token refers to all digital assets on the blockchain that cannot be interchanged with other tokens. Certain data such as items within certain games within the company's services are provided as NFT.

-"FT(Fungible Token)": Fungible Token refers to all digital assets on the blockchain, each with the same value, that can be interchanged with other tokens. Items or goods within certain games within the company's services are provided as FT.

1) The company can designate some of the items of the service provided as NFT/FT content targets, and has the right to change, add, or cancel designated items at any time at the company’s discretion.

2) The user agrees that the company does not guarantee the permanence of value or existence of the items designated as NFT/FT items. 

3) The NFT/FT items owned by the user is contents that are included or linked with the company’s service, and the user agrees that the values of NFT/FT contents can be affected through updates, service change, termination, etc. based on the company’s operation directions.

4) All issues caused by the use of NFT/FT contents are a result of executions personally made by the user upon agreement, thus the company is not responsible for the situation.

5) Blockchain assets characteristically have very high variability, thus the company has no responsibility or duties related to compensation for damages occurring from value variations in the owned designated NFT/FT content items.

6) The user is entirely responsible for the management of NFT/FT content items, and the company takes no responsibility for issues that arise from poor management.

7) Blockchain related regulations and provisions are incomplete and uncertain, and new regulations and policies could affect blockchain-based contents included in the service provided by the company.

    • VIII. Limitations in responsibility

The company does not guarantee that the existence and details of the service is eternal.

The company does not guarantee legality, integrity, safety, or accuracy for all websites, platforms, etc. that can be accessed through links (not directly provided by the company) or contents of a third party included or connected to the company’s service.

The company does not take responsibility on the deletion, loss, problems or damage with the data or information related to the company’s service or equipment.

Depending on the situation, the service use could be paused due to technical or maintenance reasons, and the user agrees that the company is not responsible for inability to use the service or loss of information, data, transaction or other information and data caused by the pause of service use.

The company is not responsible for damages to the user caused by unauthorized access to the service, infiltration of computer virus or acts by a third party.

The company is not responsible for disputes between the user and a third party caused by the use of this service.

The company is not responsible for direct/indirect damages caused by the device malfunction, error, information exposure due to the user or a third party’s malware, spyware, virus, or hacking.

The company can modify or change the provided service as required, and does not take responsibility for any possible material/intangible direct/indirect damages.

Upon use of service by another company that is included or connected to the company’s service, the user must sufficiently understand, review, and agree with the other company’s terms and conditions, and must take full responsibility for the damages and danger that could occur with using this.

If the user has a complaint about part of the service or the conditions of the related contract, the only and exclusive relief method for the user is to stop use of the service.  

    • IX. Dispute resolutions

Unrelated to the law conflict principle or the user’s country of residence, the user agrees that the application of UN agreement in relation to international item sale contract is exclusively excluded.

If there is a claim against a company, it is highly recommended that the solution be found through the company’s customer center. 

In relation to the dispute, the user must actively participate in mediations provided by the company, and upon agreeing with this, the user agrees to abandon all rights to litigate the dispute through the court and allow a judge or jury to decide the user’s case.

The dispute must be raised within 1 year.

All disputes in relation to this contract must be raised within 1 year in the small claims court or the mediation process within the range permitted by the legislation. 

The 1 year period starts from the first point at which the dispute notification can be first submitted. It is permanently forbidden if the dispute is not raised within 1 year.

    • X. Others

If any article on this term is determined illegal or unenforceable, the article is deleted with the remaining articles maintaining full validity.

The removed article is replaced by an enforceable article that is closest to the basic intentions of the unenforceable article. 

The company not actively using the rights in the articles or not responding to the user’s violation does not mean that it relinquishes the rights to respond to the violation or enforcing the terms in the future.